Colors, coding & love

Posted 2024-06-27 17:24

For the longest time, I had been fantasizing about alternative color schemes for the app. Then winter came. I finally started building the new web app for Bijou, and in the meantime, I experimented with some new color combinations.

Immediately, I knew I wanted these new schemes for the iOS and tvOS apps as well, but I kept postponing it, knowing it wasn’t as simple as importing another .css file in Swift…

But then summer came, and late one night after a movie premiere, I found myself awake in bed with a panting MacBook on my lap. As it usually is with procrastination, I found that the mental hurdles I had projected actually felt surmountable in the early morning hours.


And once the first theme was created, I had a good template to start with for the others. Some of the themes originated from the web app, which had been sporting custom themes for a while – but came through somewhat differently in its iOS version.


Then I delved further into the history of art. There are no surprises among those selected; each is recognized as one of the Great Masters, with each inspiring a unique theme.


There are currently 11 themes, and I’m open to requests if there’s a particular color combination you’ve been fantasizing about.

Try them out in the iOS app