Widgets come in many sizes

Posted 2024-06-05 14:13

I never really use Widgets myself on the iOS side of things – besides a small Weather widget I installed once when Widgets for the new hot thing – but rarely glance at. But when Fredrik reached out, I decided to start building some Widgets for bijou.fm.

Not being a Widget guy myself, I had a lot to learn. To start with, I learned that widgets come in four different sizes. For now, we only support the “medium” and “large” ones.

Please reach out if you really would like the “extra large” or “small” ones. I guess the big one could be quite nice on iPads.

What’s next?

Image widgets! After bring the Artists image chart to the app, the next step is now to also build widgets using artist photos and albums covers.

Spotify widgets! Right now, widgets only work with Last.fm data.

What else do you want? Please let me know at jonas@bijou.fm