July 16 2024

Introducing Custom Lists in the iOS app! View the top charts from any country, or your top tags based on your top artists for any time period. And the usual round of bug fixes and tweaks. Hope you like it!

July 1 2024

Lyrics are back in the iOS app again! Hope you like it. Also, some minor bug fixes and tweaks. Thanks for all the feedback!

June 27 2024

Added experimental support for playing songs through Apple Music in the iOS app and lots of bug fixes and tweaks. This version will force everyone to click through Onboarding again.

June 20 2024

Added new Timeline feature to the iOS apps which lists your top 3 artists every year since you registered on Read more about the iOS app here.

June 20 2024

Lots of updates to the iOS app. We also launched a beta program. Read more about it here.

June 13 2024

Just released a big update to the iOS app, introducing Premium. It includes gender, nationality and decades analysis and 10 new color themes! And there's more to come ... Please try it out and let me know what you think.

June 5 2024

Lots of small tweaks and bug fixes for the iOS app, and some minor updates to the web app.

May 28 2024

Lots of updates to the iOS app, introducing Widgets and much more. Try it out!

April 22 2024

Introducing Album image charts on the iOS app!

April 15 2024

Big update to the iOS app introducing Pie and Line Bar charts! Check it out.

April 1 2024

A bunch of updates to the iOS app.

March 25 2024

Some minor updates to the iOS app. Been really busy lately, but will try to get some more updates out soon!

March 10 2024

Big update to the iOS version, fixing a bunch of Spotify issues and some layout changes. Available as soon as Apple approves it. Also, some minor bug fixes to the web app. Thanks for all the feedback!

March 2 2024

This release adds custom time spans and solves some prior caching bugs when changing period.

February 29 2024

Big update to the Apple TV app this week. Check it out over here! Also, preparing some new features on the web app. Stay tuned!

February 23 2024

Mostly bug fixes to the iOS app this week. Go try it if you haven't already!

February 13 2024

Lots of improvements, layout tweaks and bug fixes in the iOS app. Go check it out here :-)

February 10 2024

Added themes back to the mobile web app. Enjoy! Also, some minor bug fixes. Please let me know if you have any issues. Thanks!

February 9 2024

Some bug fixing both on the web and on iOS.

February 8 2024

Now paging should be working when you scroll down on your charts. Lots of small fixes and tweaks, both on iOS and on the web. Now you can also maximize the list size on the web, to really dig into your data.

February 7 2024

Updated the entire color scheme of the iOS app. Been working on some infrastructure changes and is why the site has not been working 100% today. Sorry about that! And please let me know if you' any issues with the iOS or tvOS app. I've only tested it on my own devices so far. Thanks!

February 5 2024

Your theme selection and other settings are now saved between sessions. Lots of small layout and bug fixes. We'getting there, slowly but surely.

February 4 2024

Lots of small fixes and tweaks. Still lots left... Also, just submitted an update to the iOS app with the adjusted color scheme. Hope you like it!

February 3 2024

Posting the first update on the new web app. Wow! No words can describe those feelings really. Well, let' not get too caught up with emotions and just reinforce the importance to stay hydrated at all times. And, I hope you like the new color themes!

July 12 2023

Just want to let you know, I'm working on migrating to a more modern web stack, since this was started as a side project a very long time ago. Right now my main focus is on building out the iOS app, and adding some completely new features. Big thanks to everyone who donated during the time! Hopefully, I'll have more time to focus on bijou for some time.

October 12 2021

I'm working on the next generation of right now. It might take some time, but eventually we'll get there. Big shoutout to Craig Rigden and Damien Ryan for donating!

October 1 2021

Navbar user info styles and fixes. Various style fixes.

September 30 2021

We got ourselves a shiny new domain name! Front page now display a random donors charts. Big shout out to mostlybobbins for supporting!

September 29 2021

Sorry guys, I decided to rebrand again. I guess it's time for some history, and justifications, from my part. It all started it with grand visions back in 2016 under the name, which is a pretty decent name I guess - pretty self explanatory. But perhaps a bit boring. So when the grand visions for faded, and other projects took over, it became quite burdensome to pay for the really expensive .fm domain name. I then - all to quickly - decided to rebrand and get a cheaper domain name, which became Sergei was born, and it was a terrible name from the get go. But my attention were elsewhere by now and I kept it going for a while, until I decided to take Sergei down and focus on my other project. People then started reaching out to me, and I tried giving over the reigns to someone willing to maintain and develop it - but without luck. Then one day, last week, I decided to put sergei back. And shortly after I decided to give it a new name, to go with the new updated color scheme. It became I hope you like it, and that it sticks this time around!

September 28 2021

Added missing font. Style fixes.

September 27 2021

Minor updates and fixes. Added a PayPal donate button on the About page.

September 21 2021

We're back after a hiatus! Please update your bookmarks to Minor bug fixes and a new color scheme!

September 19 2019

Layout fixes.

September 15 2019

Error handling fixes.

September 13 2019

Design updates.

September 4 2019

Added more contrast to the design and added a Buy me a cup of coffee button on the About page. Please do – thank you.

June 13 2019

Improved error handling.

June 3 2019 stopped serving images through it's API, which is why you only see stars at the moment. I'm looking for possible solutions. Added notification when playing a track in Spotify.

March 2 2019

Displaying last scrobbled song in the navbar.

February 26 2019

Fixed broken profile link. Better error messages.

February 1 2019

Analyzers are closed for now, due to being too costly to run. I'm sorry. Hopefully they will be back, in a less expensive design, some day.

January 14 2018

Minor UI improvements.

December 29 2018

Lots of minor bug fixes.

December 28 2018

Bug fix for creating Spotify playlists. Layout fix for grid view on Windows. Thanks again to everyone reporting bugs!

December 17 2018

A new grid view with images.

December 9 2018

New info dialog that replaces the Biography and Album details dialogs.

December 7 2018

Better error handling.

December 3 2018

Loading state for pages.

November 26 2018

UX improvements.

November 25 2018

Layout update. New dialogs for list items.

November 22 2018

Layout updates.

November 21 2018

Layout updates. Made everything a bit bigger.

November 20 2018

Improved Spotify integration. Your session will now be kept alive.

November 19 2018

Rewrote data loading for lists. Previously loaded data will now be cached.

November 16 2018

Layout updates. Upgraded dependencies.

November 11 2018

Solved caching issues, finally. Bug fixes. More favicons. Upgraded a lot of project dependencies.

November 9 2018

Layout updates.

November 6 2018

Bug fix and layout updates.

November 1 2018

More Spotify error handling.

October 23 2018

Spotify integration bug fix.

October 11 2018

Spotify integration bug fix. Thanks to everyone reporting bugs! I've been quite busy lately, but will hopefully have more time to dedicate to Sergei next year.

September 26 2018

We got ourself a name change: Sergei. Well, why not? The old one was getting a bit tiresome, wasn't it? This was mostly due to problems with the domain name provider though. Now we also got ourselves a secure, beautiful https in front of our name. If you're having issues, please do a hard refresh of the page (shift + reload)

April 4 2018

Mobile bug fix.

April 2 2018

New notification layout. Code improvements.

March 28 2018

New context menu and updated design for list headings.

March 22 2018

New context menu for list items.

February 11 2018

Updated color scheme.

November 4 2017

Bug fixes and code improvements.

October 1 2017

Better Spotify integration. Better tablet version. Design improvements. Bug fixes.

September 25 2017

Bug fixes.

September 24 2017

Bigger maximized mode with images. Bug fixes.

September 23 2017

Mobile fixes. Pause button for playing tracks.

September 22 2017

Improved mobile version.

September 20 2017

Better, larger mobile version. The lists now sport their timespan in the url. Updated typography. Larger maximized mode. Bug fixes. Code improvements.

August 26 2017

New recommendation tab for Artists and Tracks which use the Spotify recommendation engine. Also, some minor bug fixes and design improvements.

August 19 2017

Bug fixes and improvements. Updated Latest releases tab, now showing the five latest releases.

July 30 2017

Updated iconography. Added maximize button on artist bio's.

July 26 2017

Layout tweaks.

July 18 2017

Play albums and artists top tracks directly from the app. Displays currently playing track from Spotify in navbar. Bug fixes and code improvements.

July 10 2017

Added setting to disable Spotify icons. Playlist bugfix. Code cleanup.

June 29 2017

Spotify bug fix and minor layout changes.

June 27 2017

Now possible to create Spotify playlists from your lists!

June 14 2017

Play tracks in Spotify. Refinements.

June 7 2017

Spotify authentication. Still needs some refinement.

June 1 2017

Bug fix.

May 30 2017

Spotify has made unannounced restrictions to their API, which broke a lot of functionality such as Opening in Spotify, Latest Releases etc. Working on a solution.

May 28 2017

Small improvements.

May 19 2017

Minor updates and tweaks.

May 14 2017

Analyzer should be a bit faster and more efficient now. Also possible to read bios in analyzers. New navigation for photos. New menu for desktop.

April 27 2017

Bug fixes for mobile version and design refinements.

April 26 2017

Typos and minor typography change. New URLs for pages. Won't show load more button when there's nothing more to load.

April 11 2017

Bug fix for sorting unsorted nationalities. Fix for sorting gender in Firefox. New navigation for list items. Design refinements.

March 9 2017

Now possible to minimize loading analyzers and shows progress in navbar. Fixed bug when switching timespans with more than 50 items. Some minor UI improvements.

December 16 2016

Improved page loading and a bunch of small bug fixes.

15 dec 2016

Automatic refreshing of your lists. Defaults to 3 minutes, but you can adjust the interval at Settings. Also, a better caching solution.

13 dec 2016

Showing bigger images in maximized mode. Bug fixes.

12 dec 2016

Analyzer bug fixes. Internet Explorer fix. Photos tab improvements.

11 dec 2016

Rewrote large parts of the app architecture. It's now possible to switch timespans in analyzers without closing the page. Bigger maximized mode. Better error handling. Switching users in navbar. And a lot of small bug fixes.

5 dec 2016

Mobile navigation bug fix, faster loading of images and some minor UX improvements.

4 dec 2016

Added a load more button at the bottom of the lists.

3 dec 2016

Added a details tab with release date, label and track list for albums.

2 dec 2016

Created this page, which from now on will gather all updates.